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Woman Who Married Her Own 69-YO Stepfather Who She Met At Her Own Mother’s Wedding

Sarah, 28, first met David, 69, when she attended his wedding to her motherThey became friends and love blossomed once D..

A Swiss Billionaire Has Donated $1 Billion To Save The Earth

A Swiss billionaire has pledged to donate $1 billion (£769,470,000) across the next 10 years to help conservation effor..

Two World's Strongest Man Champions Were Squeezed Into Economy Seats On A Plane

Eddie Hall, who is six foot three inches, was sat next to Brian Shaw, six foot sevenThe pair have both been crowned the ..

One Of The World's Tiniest Babies Finally Goes Home And Is Happier Than Ever

Isabella Evans, who weighed 0.76lbs, had just a five per cent chance of survivalKym Brown and Ryan Evans took her home i..

Hero Waitress, 19, Who Broke Her BACK Jumping 20ft From A Pier To Save A Child From Drowning

Hanna Pignato, 19, of Daytona Beach, Florida, witnessed a young boy struggling in a rip current from her job at a rest..