22 Pictures Prove That Women Are Simply Wonderful

Women are wonderful creations and thousands of years of human civilization prove that. Poems and songs have been written with men doing crazy antics just to capture her attention, the list is endless but one thing remains, the strength of a woman remains relentless as ever. Even though history has been harsh on these beings, they have risen from the oppression to claim their position as equal members of the society. No wonder men keep throwing themselves over these wonderful beings.

They are kind, loving, beautiful yet also hardworking, smart and resourceful. We cannot begin to comprehend the abilities of a woman and instead of beating ourselves, let’s take a look at these photos of women that prove how multifaceted their personalities can be.

Women are very versatile.

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They can reach the goals they set...

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...and change beyond recognition.

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Women can be ironic and funny...

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...and they prefer to prepare for everything in advance.

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“My pregnant wife practices swaddling on a confused puppy.”

Multitasking is in women’s blood.

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They are capable of stopping the entire world.

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And they’re not afraid of difficulties.

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This woman is carrying a cactus with her bare hands.

Women can look spectacular.

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“I was rafting on the Colorado River when this woman suddenly passed me.”

And they can find a way out of any situation.

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This old lady uses a puppet to feed the squirrels in the park.