Japanese Artist Draws The Feelings Many Have Experienced But Lack Words To Describe

Not much is known about the Japanese artist going by the alias avogado6. But from his artwork, it easy to know that he is very fond of chemistry. His profile picture is a portrait of the acclaimed Italian scientist Avogadro.

However, you’d be surprised to find that boring chemistry equations are featured nowhere in his works. The mysterious illustrator uses vivid pictures to show vivid human feelings. Many lack words to describe these feelings and that’s where the illustration skills of this artist come into play. A quick glance into one of his pieces might throw you into a state of reminiscence, remembering the human feelings that are better drawn than said.

We have gathered 20 illustrations by the artist that will leave you with a lasting impression.

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When you are trying to save what should stay in the past:

When your wings get tired of carrying you:


Sometimes you just want to spread like butter on bread.

Tired. Worn out.

Putting yourself together piece by piece:

Time has no mercy.

I’m completely fine!

Unbearable fragility

When you run out of power: