This Brazilian Guy Uses Dumped Tires To Create Beds For Animals

In Brazil, a certain artist finds use in old tires found in dumpsters. Amarildo Silva turns old tires into homes for animals and he's still going to do it for quite some time. So far, he has dedicated one and a half year in craftsmanship by turning old tires into homes for animals. He found a lot of pets hide inside these old tires and turn them into a temporary location to hide in. Amarildo wants them to not only hide but can really feel comfortable, so he cuts these tires and decorated them into a small beautiful bed.

Yes, he also sells his works to pet owners who want one for their own pets. If you own a pet in Brazil and you want these custom homes, it'd be a great idea to get one. Amarildo also customizes the beds and print names on the tires for the pets. After crafting them, he keeps many of his works in his house and this is not his only work! He has always worked on things that people throw away and turn them into amazing craft-work. Look forward to seeing more of his works!

By creating something new out of it, he not only contributed to the well-being of the environment but also earned a few extra dollars in the process.

Amarildo realized that old tires were being used as a refuge by the dogs that live in the streets, and came up with the idea to bring them the feeling of home and make it more comfortable for animals.

The artist collects the old tires that he finds on the streets, takes them home and puts all the stuff in his backyard. He dedicated one of his rooms for storing these tires.

After separating the tires, he cuts, washes and paints them. He loves to draw a unique design for each tire and write the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong to.