20+ Of The Most Epic 3D Tattoos

This isn't the first post we've done about 3D tattoos, and it's unlikely to be the last because the art is constantly evolving and it looks so damn cool.

Popularized by pioneers such as Jesse Rix and Winston The Whale, these works will make you look twice. Some look astonishingly real, as if there actually is a beautiful butterfly perched delicately on the skin. While others are mind-bending optical illusions that contort the body in ways that shouldn't be possible.

So if you're looking for inspiration for your next ink, why not consider adding another dimension?

#1 Would Love To Keep Doing Pieces Like This With The "Old" Tattoos

jesse_rix -Via

#2 Finger Candles

jakconnollyart -Via

#3 Finally Got The Tattoo I’ve Always Wanted

blakerjames -Via

#4 Small Realistic Tattoo

tattoo.joan -Via

#5 Amazing Cat Tattoo. It's An Awesome Work, It Pops Off The Skin

amazingmicrotattoos -Via

#6 This Optical Illusion Is Perfect As A Tattoo

moroztattoo -Via

#7 Amazing Glass Tattoo

nicomariani_tattoo -Via

#8 Not An Everyday Thing, But Very Enjoyable

gunnarfoley -Via

#9 Would Love To Have This One Too

benthomasart -Via

#10 Sorry To The People Who Get Creeped Out By This One, But I Like It

jesse_rix -Via