YouTuber Who Posts Video Of Himself Kissing His 'Sister' For A Prank Confirms That She Is His Real Sister

Remember the YouTube 'prankster' who videoed himself 'kissing his sister' - yeah, course you do, how could you forget? Well, it turns out it was his actual sister. Well, half-sister, but that doesn't make it any less wrong.

Chris Monroe posted the video, titled 'KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK', which showed him locking lips with a woman called Kaitlyn O'Connor.

Now, the YouTuber behind channel PrankInvasion, has confirmed to Fabulous Digital that he and Kaitlyn ARE actually related.
He said: "She is my real half-sister. So, true she is not fully my blood but she is half and that is a fact."

That, my friend, is not ok.

People were sceptical about the 'prank', expecting him to come out and explain that they weren't in fact related. But it seems he's done the complete opposite. Ah, 2019, what did we do to deserve you?

This was his Instagram post back on 20 March. Credit: Instagram/PrankInvasion

On Chris' Instagram account, dedicated to the channel, he posted a picture of himself and Kaitlyn on 20 March where he wrote: "You're my half-sister but it honestly doesn't feel like it - so thankful we've stayed so close all our lives. Go follow her and show her love!"

Then be casually added to the end of the caption: "If this photo gets 30,000 likes... me and my sis will kiss on YouTube!"

It almost sounds like he wanted to...

The half-siblings played rock, paper, scissors to initiate the kiss. Credit: Youtube/PrankInvasion

The five-minute video was posted on 22 March (two days after Chris announced his fondness for his sis on Insta) and has currently got over three million views with 100,000 thumbs down and just 19,000 thumbs up.

In the video, after spending an hour or so of Chris hovering outside her room like a 'creep' (his words, but...), the two finally sit down in front of the camera and get on with it.

The whole video - everything about it, in fact - is a tough watch. That said, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Are they laughing about it? Credit: YouTube/PrankInvasion

1) Many PrankInvasion videos appear to be staged (this one included).

2) There are a number of people who say that the girl is actually his cousin, not his sister (still fuckin' weird).

3) Even if she was his relative, how is this a prank?

And, more importantly, pointer number 4 - HAVE THEY DONE THIS BEFORE!? Did you see how the pair of them were going for it?

The video certainly makes for uncomfortable viewing. In fact, it's enough to get that gag reflex going let's be honest.

The viewers agreed. "This made me soo unclean that I feel Iike bleaching my eyeballs and scrub my entire body with a Brillo pad," said one, while another pointed out: "This is definitely not the first time they have done this."

A third wrote: "Half sister, full sister, quarter sister, 3 and a half pounds sister... Y'all NASTY."