13 Amazing Movie Details Even True Fans Missed

We’ve watched our favorite movies thousands of times. But even when you’re watching a movie for the 100th time, you can still miss some interesting details. So turn on the movies you love again! Perhaps you’ll notice Tom Cruise in makeup, see a fake Natalie Portman, appreciate a director’s work with a chair, or notice a ring that doesn’t fit.

1. Galadriel’s eyes (The Lord of the Rings, 2001)

© The Lord of the Rings / New Line Cinema

Galadriel is the last remaining elf in Middle-earth who saw the light of the Two Trees of Valinor. This is why her eyes reflect the light of the stars.

In order to achieve this effect, the film crew had to use special lighting units in the scenes that contained this character.

2. The perfect kiss (Thor: The Dark World, 2013)

© Thor: The Dark World / Marvel Studios

In the final scene of the movie when Thor gives Jane a passionate kiss, it wasn’t actually Natalie Portman who portrayed the character during the entire film. The actress just couldn’t make it to the reshooting of the scene because she was busy working on a different film. So do you know who helped? It was Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky. Now it’s clear why the kiss looked so passionate and real.

3. Tom Cruise in a western (Young Guns, 1988)

© Young Guns / Morgan Creek Entertainment

In Young Guns, it’s hard but still possible to notice Tom Cruise. His character is killed during one of the shootouts.

The actor was on set accidentally and was asked to be in the film because he had never taken part in a western movie and he was really excited to try.

4. The silent scene (The Great Gatsby, 2013)

© The Great Gatsby / Warner Bros.

When Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan see each other, they just keep silent for 30 seconds. This move may seem like a waste of movie time. But the director just wanted to demonstrate this scene exactly the way Fitzerald described it in his novel, “For half a minute there wasn’t a sound.”

5. The Sex and the City reference (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 2008)

© Forgetting Sarah Marshall / Universal Pictures

The main character of Forgetting Sarah Marshall is named Peter Bretter and he’s drinking a cocktail in a bar and quotes Sex and the City. Right when he says, “I’m on Sex and the City! What’s up, Miranda?” Cynthia Nixon walks right past him. She was the actress that portrayed Miranda Hobbes in the show.

6. Identify the replicant (Blade Runner 2048, 2017)

© Blade Runner 2049 / Alcon Entertainment

In the movie, you can recognize a replicant by looking at their eyes attentively when they look to the left and up.

At the beginning of the movie, viewers also have to look at the top left corner: the first word they see there is “replicants”.

7. Choice of clothes (Spider-Man, 2002)

© Spider-Man / Columbia Pictures

In the 2002 movie, during the Thanksgiving Day scene, you may notice the funny choice of clothing on the characters. Peter Parker wears clothes that make him look like The Green Goblin, and Norman Osborn (whose alter-ego is Green Goblin) wears the Spider-Man colors. Maybe the creators wanted to say that these antagonists have something in common after all!

8. The Ring (A Star Is Born, 2018)

© A Star Is Born / Warner Bros. Pictures

Bradley Cooper’s character Jackson “Jack” Maine in A Star Is Born loses a lot of weight during his healing. This is indicated by his ring — it’s about to slip off Jackson’s finger.

9. A familiar Boy (Groundhog Day, 1993)

© Groundhog Day / Columbia Pictures

In Groundhog Day, there’s a hospital scene where you can see a boy with a broken leg in the background. This is actually the same boy the main character Phil later saves from falling.

10. Brad Pitt who is always hungry (Ocean’s Eleven, 2001)

© Ocean's Eleven / Warner Bros

The most attentive viewers of this movie have noticed that Brad Pitt’s character Rusty in Ocean’s Eleven is constantly eating something. Some people think that Brad Pitt came up with this idea. In the shrimp scene, Pitt had to eat 40 shrimp in order to do all the takes. We don’t quite understand why he was doing it. The only guess is that the actor just loves to eat. Obviously, he may not always have enough time for a good lunch given the job he has.

By the way, some fans believe that Brad Pitt appears eating in movies more often than his colleagues. Now we seem to know the key to his heart.