Two World's Strongest Man Champions Were Squeezed Into Economy Seats On A Plane

  • Eddie Hall, who is six foot three inches, was sat next to Brian Shaw, six foot seven
  • The pair have both been crowned the world's strongest man at one point
  • They were seated in economy on a flight going from London to Scotland

A hilarious photo captures the moment two world strength champions were forced to sit next to each other on a flight to Scotland.

Eddie Hall, who was crowned the World’s Strongest Man in 2017, was sat next to Brian Shaw, who has won the award four times.

Hall, who calls himself 'The Beast' and is six foot three inches tall, uploaded the photo to Instagram of him next to six foot seven inch Shaw in economy class on the flight from London to Scotland.

Eddie Hall (left), who was named the world's strongest man in 2017, pictured in a hilarious photo sat next to his pal Brian Shaw on a flight from London to Scotland

In a photo from January, Shaw was pictured sat next to a young woman in economy

The amusing photo shows the large pair scowling after they managed to squeeze into the seats.
They also tower over their seats headrests and Hall has at least his entire right arm in the aisle.

Hall said online: ‘The check-in ladies sat me and @shawstrength right next to each other on the plane from London to Scotland and no-one on the plane would want to swap seats.

‘Would you swap seats with one of us? I wouldn’t either.’

The pair were photographed together this month before a trip to New York

Shaw pictured on Instagram. He has captioned the photo with: 'I stepped on the scale and it said error so I don't know what my body weight is'

A second photo uploaded from a flight in January shows Shaw sitting in an economy seat with most of his body in the seat of the lady that is sitting next to him.

It is tagged with the caption: ‘I seem to fit perfectly in this seat.

‘Thankfully this young lady next to me was a good sport… and was in for a fun picture.’

Another picture on their Instagram show the pair preparing to go to New York together for April 25th.

Hall posted online saying he had gone to Scotland to do some filming, and also mentioned a shoulder workout that he did with Shaw.

Source: Dailymail