18 Unexpected Evidence That Nature Hides More Than One Ace In The Hole

Can you imagine how huge the blue whale is compared to a human? Do you know what a crocodile looks like under water when it sticks out its face (no, it doesn’t lie at all horizontally)? Have you ever come across a black lizard or a white ladybug? If not, rather see our selection.

1. Petrified dinosaur skin

© Lee Hall / twitter

2. Blue whale skull

© JM-Rie / reddit

3. Aloe leaf, which removed the skin

© JoshPlaysUltimate / reddit

4. This lizard has another limb instead of a tail.

© MinorityBabble / reddit

5. Square water droplets on the trampoline

© Big_G_Dog / reddit

6. Grape in the form of a pumpkin

© hoxieX / reddit

7. The cutest sheep in the world

© LtlPwny / reddit

8. A tiny plant that grew in a car.

© Grindcoretldr / reddit

9. This cat's hair is white inside.

© Olliebean6 / reddit

10. Frozen wave. Lake Baikal