Owner Takes His 2 Rescue Kittens On His Travels Around Japan And Their Instagram Is perfect

We all know that cats like fish and that they sleep a lot. But did you know they also enjoy traveling around? Meet the rescue kittens Daikichi and Fuku-Chan - felines who, together with their owner Daisuke Nagasawa - have been traveling through Japan for the last eight years. Under their traveler's belt, they already have 47 prefectures and more than 1,000 destinations visited. All of their adventures are documented in pictures that have attracted almost 6,700 followers on Instagram.

It all started in 2011 when, due to his work, Nagasawa would often be away, and Fuku-chan wanted to have none of it. Hence, began the pranks and aggressive behavior which prevented Nagasawa from leaving Fuku-chan in the pet care. The solution came out of nowhere - he decided to take both Fuku-chan and Daikichi on a trip around Japan.

To make transportation easier and comfortable, Nagasawa adapted a stroller to fit the needs of his cats. Another frequent "companion" is a backpack in which both cats enjoy their rides through beautiful landscapes.

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