Children’s Drawings Turned Into Timeless Pieces Of Jewelry By Turkish Firm And They Are Too Adorable

Children love to draw, they pick up any crayon, pencil or pen and they scribble. Their drawings don’t have to make sense; it is simply a joyful exploration of their own found power-the ability to make a permanent mark on the world. What if you could imprint your little one’s drawings, into beautiful memories that you will be able to see anytime? That is what art company Tasarim Takarim does. 

Artists Erdin Tavukcu (painter and children arts education) and Ozgur Karavit (sculptor), have realized the value of children arts and now creates jewels that value their art and lets them know the importance of their creations. "The art of children is the most important state of creativity," is their motivational phrase as they customize necklaces, bracelets pendants, and other personal accessories with these cute little drawings.

These pieces are so adorable, you might want one for yourself, check them out.

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