23 Photos Proving That Dogs Have Their Own Kind of Logic

Barking news: dog owners spend more time taking photos of their pets than actually walking them. And there is no wonder why — sometimes our furry friends can act in such a ridiculous way that all we can do is to bring a camera and make a funny shot of them.

23. “I just caught my dog trying to climb up a pole.”

© EleeJhon1 / imgur -Via

22. “My dog is holding a single piece of dry pasta between her paws and eating it.”

© SHElKAHH / twitter -Via

21. “He thinks this painting is a window.”

© ellle_em / twitter -Via

20. “My dog chewed a hole in my blanket and then did this.”

© crimsonfarina / twitter -Via

19. “My dog’s best friend is a brick.”

© aritsmo / twitter -Via

18. “He saw us feeding the ducks and pretended to be one.”

© Rawc90 / reddit -Via

17. “My coworker’s dog got herself stuck underneath their shed.”

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16. “Every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling, so we got her a chair to feel more included.”

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15. “I can’t tell Tank ’no’ for anything in the world because then he does this and makes me feel like crap.”

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14. “Your dog holds their frisbee one way...mine holds it the ’special’ way.”

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