23 Photos Proving That Dogs Have Their Own Kind of Logic

13. “My dog just pushed the door open, winked at me and left.”

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12. “This is how my dogs sleep.”

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11. “Reggie ran into the wall chasing his ball and he’s very proud of the dent he made.”

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10. “I sent my dog outside as punishment for standing on the dining room table. This was his response.”

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9. “My mom’s dog is watching me eat chips.”

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8. “Even though he always has a fresh bowl of water, he sits there scratching the wall until I turn the water on so that he can drink it.”

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7. “This is how my dog drinks water.”

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6. When your dog has some dominance issues:

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5. “My dog chewed a hole through a ball and then wore it as a headdress.”

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4. “My dog is too lazy to stand guard outside the bathroom so he posts his favorite toy there instead.”

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