Europe Is Currently So Hot And Even Meteorologists Tagged It 'Hell Is Coming'

Europe is currently burning up at the moment. And now Spanish Meteorologists tagged it “Hell is Coming” in an announcement made past Monday.

Obviously Hot as seen with citizen’s reaction, the highest ever temperature records are happening across Western Europe at the moment. These places include Belgium, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherland.

Europe is so hot that even paved roads are disintegrating and melting in Central France.

Reportedly, it is expected to continue for more days and in Spain, the hottest locations are reading at 42-43 C (108-110 F) every day through Sunday.

Even in Germany, a man was witnessed driving his moped naked as a result of the ongoing hot weather.

Accordingly, bikes are melting in Berlin while France is preparing cool rooms in the city halls for its citizen.

However, this is becoming a norm for Europeans and its obviously because of greenhouse gas emissions.

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