More Fires Keep Burning In Angola And Congo Than In The Amazon

 If you take a close look at the map from two days ago, it’s apparent that more fires keep burning in Central Africa. Just last week, within a period of two days – Angola was faced with three times more fires than Brazil, a data obtained from Weather Source by Bloomberg reported.

Map of fire South America and South Africa

The obtained statistics also reported that were about 6,902 fires in Angola and about 3,395 fires in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

While Emmanuel Macron, the French President had disclosed that C7 leaders  - Germany, Japan, Canada, France, US, Italy, and the UK will be releasing $22m, an equivalent of £18m to tackle the fires in the Amazon rainforest,  he has drawn other government attention to the African Fires.

“The forest in sub-Saharan Africa is also burning.”President Macron tweeted, adding that he’s planning to launch a similar initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa to that which is announced for Amazon.
The important bit of information the maps from NASA didn’t show is whether these affected areas are grassland or forest fires and how huge the fires are. Before now, observers had pointed out similar fires two years ago, which NASA responded it appeared to have begun on purpose.

Nevertheless, the fires presently occurring in both Angola and Congo are mostly not in the rain forests. The fires are burning over wide bindings of brush and grassland – which is really susceptible to natural fires.  Burning fields have, however, become popular among farmers.

Yes! A farming technique widely recognized as slash and burn is now controversial and environmentalists are warning farmers it can result in loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, and even deforestation.