Artist Transforms Strangers And Public Figures Into Cartoons

Since the early times of human civilization, caricatures have been used as a way of conveying information especially at times when the majority of people were illiterate. Fast forward to the 21st century, caricatures have developed to be used as more than a communication tool. Apart from its active use in the political scenery as a way of poking fun and criticizing politicians, it has also found use as a source of entertainment in our daily lives.

Talented artist Xi Ding proves that caricatures can be more than art that ridicules. His projects involve highlighting prominent features of a person in a light-hearted way. His versatile artwork cuts across various characters, from famous celebrities to public figures and even private commissions.

The Vienna-based artist trained classical painting for 10 years. His work differs from other artists with the same profile simply because he does not follow the traditional rules of caricature. Instead of ridiculously oversizing body parts resulting in things like giant ears and crooked teeth, his moderate approach while drawing emphasizes positive distinctive features. This way, he expresses the personality of an individual in humorous ways that do not point out their flaws.

The artist has made himself a name in the talent-packed caricaturist and event entertainer both on a national and international level. He has won several awards including ‘ISCA minico’ and ‘Eurocaricature’. Throughout his 10-year career, he has worked with global brands like Samsung, Microsoft, BMW, Audi, and Mediamarkt. Check out some of his masterpieces below.

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