30 People Share The Kindest Thing A Stranger Did For Them And Its Prove Not everyone Is Trash

Just as we are tempted to give u on the world, something incredible happens that reminds us of the reasons we believed in humanity in the first place. Turns out, there are actually kind and decent people remaining in our society. And we are not talking about doing good for publicity’s sake. It is easy to forget that there’s any good left in people, especially if you live in big crowded cities.

Everybody is so busy with their own lives that ignoring a stranger in plight seems very natural. However, there are times when a total stranger helped a person totally unknown to them. For these once desperate individuals, the stranger was nothing less than a guardian angel in the form of a simple human being.

Nicole Cliffe is a TV and magazine writer whose wholesome Twitter question recently went viral

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Writer Nicole Cliffe took to Twitter to ask users about random acts of kindness they received from total strangers. People were quick to share their stories and prove that the world is not as terrible as it looks.


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