18 Masterpieces Created From Common Things By People With Unlimited Imagination

Whether through talent or sheer imagination, there are people who create totally cool things from anything they are handed. To others, a case of Rostov-on-Don, scraps of cardboard a piece of foam or an empty packaging of chips could be trash but at the right hands, they are a masterpiece yet to be created.

We dug up the internet for some interesting human creations and we came across more than we had expected. For these little-known artists, their scope of fantasy is something they wouldn’t put to limits. Check out some of these cool things made totally from common items.

1. Just a piece of foam and a little imagination

© Yellow Trace -Via

2. Paste into the bookshelf

© Gekoman / Pikabu -Via

3. Dress for the real nerd

© Sylvie Facon / Facebook -Via

4. Cake in the form of a forest glade. The fire in the fire - the real

© hellomagpies / Reddit -Via

5. Finnish artist crochet their neighbors

© Liisa Hietanen -Via

6. Mobile mini garden

© spork3600 / Reddit -Via

7. Mushroom lamp

© apus / Pikabu -Via

8. Gioconda from Rostov-on-Don

© Levencovka_news / vk -Via

9. Mr Prings

© ESyRaez4VhR2l / Twitter -Via

10. Scarf-fawn

© uniques by nina führer / Facebook -Via