Boy Wanted To Be An Artist Since He Was 2, Here Is What He Draws By Age 16

16-year-old Dusan Krtolica is an amazing artist living in Serbia. Drawing is his greatest passion and will awe you with his nature-inspired pieces.  His greatest fascination is in animals and their great diversity provides the constant challenge that the young artist is more than glad to tackle.

The teenage artist started drawing when he was only, 2,  which shows that he is a born-with talent. Since then, he has featured in numerous TV interviews and has had 6 solo exhibitions. When he was only 13, he wrote and illustrated an encyclopedia of the prehistoric world which has been published- a feat most of his agemates can't claim to have accomplished.

His book has been translated to English and the young artist cum author is on the lookout for a new publisher.

When he was 4 years old his parents decided to enroll in art school

His artwork from 2011, when he was 8 years old

His drawing at 9 years old

His drawing at 10 years old

His drawing at 12 years old

A piece called “The Labors of Hercules” he drew when he was 13 years old